Frequently asked Questions


I want an alarm system. What's next?

Contact us and we will help you determine the best equipment package for your circumstances. Then you let us know what day and time one of our clean and certified technicians can install the system (usually within 1-2 days). Now enjoy the peace and safety security instills!

I already have an alarm system. Can I switch for free?

Absolutely! We buy you out of your old alarm contract 100% GUARANTEED. Switching to us also ensures you get the newest and latest equipment including touch screen panels and monitoring at the LOWEST PRICE. Other companies do not update equipment but still expect you to pay the same price! Call us to get you set up with what works for you.

How much does it cost?

We pride ourselves on treating each person like family and each person is different. We will help you find the package that is best for your home or business just reach out. Our packages start at $30.99/month and go up depending on what equipment you would like to add such as indoor or outdoor cameras, CO2 sensors, fire alarms, keyfobs. etc..

Is there a contract?

Depending on the package that you select, the length of the contract varies. 

Do I receive anything for referrals?

YES! The best compliment we can receive is the business of your friends and family whether homes or residential. We off $100 cash for every referral that gets a system.

Are you the same as Brinks?

We are a family owned business and are independent dealers for Brinks Security Systems. We started selling security systems in 2008 and Brinks has the best equipment and monitoring out there. We are happy to help our customers become part of the brinks family while getting them even better prices than brinks headquarters can offer!